Brunch of first courses
Paccheri with game ragout
Garganelli with angler fish, cherry tomatoes and olives
Tagliolini with porcini and potatoes

Brunch of meat
Rovato-style beef with oil and vegetable platter

Brunch of fish
Bass scaloppini Mediterranean style and vegetable platter

Price of brunch 15 € including a glass of wine, water and coffee

*When the fresh product is unavailable, some items may be frozen

Tasting Menu
Capocollo ham with diced celery, eggplant and sweet peppers
Dried cod flan with potatoes and polenta
Ravioli stuffed with braised beef and black truffles
Garganelli with baby spinach, cherry tomatoes and guinea hen
Bass filet on puff pastry and zucchini
Lamb loin with thyme and melting potatoes
Trolley desserts with fruit
(Euro 40 excluding beverages)